Help Fund a Worldwide Campaign to Support Young People Creating Coops!

9 Dec 2016

For the past several years, the level of youth unemployment in the world has increased to alarming levels. At the same time, young people around the globe have been expressing increasing dissatisfaction about mainstream economic governance and an increasing interest for cooperatives, in a quest for more democracy and transparency. Many young people wish to refocus the economy on justice, fairness, equality, and the deeper sources of meaning in life. Cooperatives can be the tool to answer to their needs: it is one very concrete way for young people to find a job with a higher level of stability and resilience than the average.


As worker, social and producers’ cooperatives showed in the video Working together for a cooperative future (, young cooperators want to keep on raising awareness about how young people can meet their employment needs and aspirations while contributing to a better society through the creation of cooperatives. In order to reach this goal, CICOPA has designed the one-year Youth Cooperative Entrepreneurship campaign ( that will be launched in December 2016, but the funds required still need to be collected.


CICOPA has already collected €11,900 from 15 organisations and individuals that have already shown their commitment to making the Youth Cooperative Entrepreneurship campaign real! However, there is still a long way to go before reaching the target of 70,000 Euro, which is the amount needed to make this campaign happen by donating here:


The main actions planned are:

  • A publication will present the trends among young people in establishing worker, social and producers’ cooperatives.
  • A website designed for young people interested in creating a cooperative that will guide them to the national organisations helping them establish cooperatives.
  • A final conference will analyse the possibilities offered by cooperatives to young people.
  • The promotion of video stories including Working together for a cooperative future showing cooperatives created by young people.

What are the modalities to contribute to the campaign?

  • Sponsors will have their logo published. The minimum donation required to be a sponsor is €5,000 and smaller donations can also be made to enhance the campaign. Donors will be mentioned on the website.
  • Collaborators can help to promote and create contents for the campaign.

Would you like to make a contribution towards making this campaign real? If that is the case, then please donate here!

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