Europe Regional Youth Report (December 2016)

9 Dec 2016

YECN meeting, Mondragon, Spain.

The 4th, 5th and 6th of October in the very cooperative town of Arrasate-Mondragon in Spain took place the fourth meeting of the  Young European Cooperators Network (YECN). 


This network born with the aim of creating connections to encourage, develop and empower young cooperators in Europe. We connect 120 people from 14 countries and 3 national network. In Mondragon it was a seminar including 22 members from 9 countries.


We decided after 3 days of work to create a task force to help any young cooperator to build a national network in his/her own country. In addition of previous working group about education, research, communication and business opportunities.

Our website should be open before December and our next meeting will be our GA in Malta in April 2017.


International Summit of Cooperatives, Quebec (Canada)

The International Summit of Cooperatives, held on October 11-13, was the opportunity to held an activity focusing on transnational networks of your cooperators. A workshop Youth for #Coop: Cooperating beyond borders was thus organised by Cooperatives Europe and CJDES (French national organisation for youth and leaders of the social and solidarity economy) in partnership with the European network of young cooperators, the OFQJ (Office franco-québécois pour la jeunesse), and the International Cooperative Alliance Youth Committee. This activity was open to young cooperators, especially participants to the Young Leaders Programme. It was facilitated by young cooperators through collaborative and participative work methodologies.


During several international and regional events, young cooperators expressed their willingness to be associated to the definition of a strategy enabling the cooperative movement to better address younger generations’ needs and aspirations. In the European region, this dynamic led to the creation of a regional network, and several national networks of young cooperators. Such networks experiment a various models of governance, adapted to local contexts and objectives. This workshop will thus aimed to encourage knowledge and experience sharing between networks of young cooperators, in order to get an insight of identified challenges and existing tools to address them.


The workshop resulted in a publication, available online, presenting the existing youth networks from the four regions of the International Cooperative Alliance and provides insight into the activities carried out across the world. The tools, strengths, challenges and needs of each network are explored to exchange best practices and foster cooperation among networks of young cooperators.

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