Concern for Community: The Relevance of Co-operatives to Peace

21 Sep 2016
"Drawing on their many years of direct experience in the co-operative sector and their contributions to the field of Co-operative Studies, the authors lay out their insights on the subject of co-operatives and peace. Looking at a review of the historical record, as well as the development of the Co-operative Identity Statement in 1995, the authors illustrate how peace has been a significant theme in the life of the international co-operative movement.  

From an examination of how co-operatives empower their members to address inequalities and social tensions in local communities, to defining the role co-operatives can play in building cross-conflict relationships in war-torn regions, the book looks at how the co-operative movement has developed a set of values and practices that build on a concern for community and form a natural bridge to building a more just, peaceful world." (via 
Authors: Dr Ian MacPherson and Dr Yehudah Paz

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